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Products designed with care and attention to every detail, always following the QB Light philosophy!


Always something more! In the QB Light products together with the essentiality of the lines, you can always find something in the light, to improve your days.


From welding to the choice of materials and screws, we pay the utmost attention and all our experience to create special objects, capable of changing the face of any environment in which you want to install them.


We want to make your days better not only to illuminate them!

We design our products by combining essential forms and technologies that can improve the quality of life of our customers.

Our products are made using innovative techniques and the utmost attention to every detail, so that lighting and furnishing become one.

Our philosophy

“Beauty is the sum of all the parts put together, in such a way that it is not necessary to add, neither remove, nor alter.” (Leon Battista Alberti).

We are a young Company, we develop technologically-advanced and aesthetically-refined products. We create long-lasting, quality products, which are built to make everyday life easier.

We go beyond shape and aesthetics of a product. We combine Nordic design with Italian technology, to give our customers the best possible expression of both.

We are working daily on UX / UI, through different projects, like the creation of mobile applications for learning.


– team qb light